Two weeks away in France and Holland, and what a fantastic reward for the logistical nightmare, long distances and camping in the lorry!

First stop Saumur with Gillian Jonas’s Shannondale Quest (JJ) and Patsy Mason’s Mr HiHo (Zippy) for CIC2*.  Neither horse did a spectacular dressage test and were sitting half way down the list in 14th and 25th overnight.  JJ then rolled a pole SJ to fall even further to 20th, while Zippy’s clear round brought him up to 11th.  Clear runs across country for both but with some time faults, brought their final standings to 13th (JJ) and 16th (Zippy).  Lovely venue, beautiful weather and a satisfactory result.

A quick trip to Calais to rendezvous with Maggie to swap horses and off we go again to Renswoude in Holland with two for the CIC3* (Jane and Ian James’ Eisfee (Alice) and JJ (again!)), and two for the CCI2* (Jane James’ Carneyhaugh Rua (Roly)) and Tim and Alice Page’s Dunge’s Don Perignon (Don)).

Again, dressage not quite up to standard but they all got their running shoes on across the country and made a real difference to their scores.  Alice started in 29th (!) but her double clear and tiny time faults brought her right up to finish 2nd – her second consecutive 3* podium finish.  Meanwhile JJ, 15th after dressage, dropping to 36th (!) after three down show jumping, made the big fences look really easy XC to finish in 10th.

And the 2* story is similar – Roly’s results:  dr 35.8 (21st), double clear with 3.6tf to finish 6th;  Don:  dr 41.7 (28th), clear XC bang on the time but two down SJ to finish 8th.

Another great venue (although variable weather this time) and another fantastic result.  A big thank you to our wonderful owners, and to Jade Roberts for turning all the horses out so beautifully so often, and Kate Negus, Treehouse, Gain Feeds, The StoneHouse Clinic.

Final salute in the CCI2* dressage with Carneyhaugh Rua