Patsy Mason’s Mr Hiho did a beautiful dressage test in the CIC2* at Nunney International this weekend, to lie in second place overnight, a few marks behind Kitty King and Vendredi Biats, but with Paul Tapner breathing down his neck on the same score.

Showjumping on Sunday saw David go clear but Kitty had one pole down, which put David into the lead and with a quick and clear round, with no time faults we waited with some trepidation for Paul to set off but when we heard the commentator say he was riding “ a cautious pace..” we felt more confident, and sure enough David kept his lead.  He and Patsy Mason were presented with this lovely and unusual trophy.  See the BE story here.

Also in the CIC2*, Eisfee (Alice) finished in 10th, and Mocklershill Buster (Magic Mike)had one down for 26th place.

Elsewhere across the weekend we had more good results:  the Warden’s Man About Town (Teddy) took third in the BE100 5YO class;  Dunge’s Don Perignon and Ferro Pointeach had a pole down in the Novice but finished 5th and 9th respectively, andRainstown Star (Duncan) did a good dressage test but slightly lost his concentration showjumping and had two down, and slightly lost his confidence faced with a gaping trakhener and had a stop but still finished in 22nd place.

Naughty Chap decided he didn’t want to go anywhere in the lorry, so didn’t participate in the OI class!