Below is a full list of David’s results for 2017, which are very consistent with previous years despite the six weeks off mid-season with a fractured collar bone.

Thank you to all our sponsors and the team – grooms, farrier, vet, dentist,¬†physio (horse and human!) – we couldn’t do it without you!

We are looking forward to another exciting and successful season in 2018 (see our Calendar page for the outline plan for the year) and hope to see you very soon.

Moreton N Ferro PointAston Arena N3Aston Arena N7Aston Arena N11 & 15
Bicton CIC2*Shannondale QuestAldon IN3 & 4Moreton N7Moreton N16
Ascott u/ Wychwood BE100Jumbo's QuestionAldon N 4Moreton ON10Tweseldown OI17
Nunney BE100Royal ConquestOudkarspel CCI2*5Tweseldown I9Aldon AI14
Nunney IDunge's Don PerignonBicton I5Aldon BE1009Belton I16
Chepstow BE100Royal ConquestAston OI2Aldon N8Bicton I15 & 17
Wellington BE105Man About Town IIAscott u/ Wychwood BE1004Belton I6 & 6Broadway BE10016 & 19
West Wilts BE100Jumbo's QuestionNunney ON2Tweseldown I9Aston I19
Wellington BE1003 & 4Pontispool N10Chatsworth CIC*12
Wellington OI5Ascott u/Wychwood BE1007Chatsworth ERM CIC3*18
West Wilts BE100 2Bramham CCI3* u2510Tweseldown I14
Pontispool BE1004 & 5Nunney 5YO10Nunney I12 & 14
Calmsden BE1002Nunney N10Haras du Pin CCI*15
Aldon BE1002Chepstow BE1008Wellington OI16
Aldon YHCIC*2Wellington BE1007West Wilts N20
West Wilts N10Pontispool N11
Pontispool N7Ballindenisk CIC2*16
Pontispool OI6Osberton YH CIC2*18
Ballindenisk CIC3*10
Calmsden N7 & 7
26 events92 entries26 top 5 (28%)48 top 10 (52%)69 top 20 (75%)